Queensland Policy

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Australian Country Party Queensland Branch will support the construction of the major Infrastructure development in the Longman electorate named 3D Park.

3D Park project will support the creation of thousands of full-time careers and jobs, right here in Longman.

3D Park highlights:

  1. A major international Collaborative University/Industrial campus aimed at developing the role that 3D Printing will play in the future Queensland and world economy. 3D Printing will produce everything from standard car bodies to bespoke hip replacement joints.
  2. 3D Park’s Industrial manufacturing facilities in conjunction with 3D University will develop new engineering techniques to construct Australia’s first 3D-PET (Personal Electronic Transport). It will also build autonomous electric vehicles and provide thousands of jobs for the local area. 3D Park will change the way everything is constructed.
  3. 3D Park will also provide a new home for our TAFE.  This, in turn, will allow Caboolture State High School to take over the TAFE facilities and free up land so Caboolture Hospital can receive the long overdue expansion it desperately needs.
  4. A new Airport environment adjacent to 3D Park with a joint Military and Civilian Airstrip will become the Garrison Town of South Queensland -The Army’s 1 Division will gradually move from Inner City Enogerra to more suitable training areas in forested areas between Caboolture and Sunshine Coast.Additionally, distance from Caboolture to major training areas of Tin Can Bay and Shoal Water bay is closer than the current location. This is not an insignificant cost when moving an increasingly armoured Infantry Division. Army Aviation Regiment will be based at Divisional HQ located in an area adjoining the airport.
  5. The sale of Army land at Eagle Farm will fund development of the new facilities.


Australian Country party will ensure that Electricity and Water prices are driven down to levels that the community can afford.

Australian Country Party will ensure that Australians gain the best advantage of our natural Resources by ensuring that a “Reserved Resource Policy” ensures that those resources which we need are ‘reserved” for Australian use.

Through our “Reserved Resource” policy, we will use reserved Queensland owned coal to power our generators whose output will be used to ensure that Queensland has the lowest electrical power in the world. Power will be sold to Queensland consumers at a significantly reduced cost.

Australian Country Party (QLD) will support the opening of the Galilee Basin Coal mines including the Carmichael Adani mine and others but we will insist that mine operators pay for the railway lines, which will then become part of a revitalised Government owned Queensland Rail network.

Profit on Coal trains will help subsidise less profitable routes and in doing so will benefit farmers, consumers and passengers.

We will imitate the Bjelke-Petersen governments opening of the Bowen basin and construction of Gladstone Power Station by requiring coal mines to deliver coal to Queensland Government owned electricity generators at the mines’ cost of production plus transport from mine to the power station. They will deliver “Our Coal” to OUR generators, to ensure the supply at lowest possible cost for our retail electricity.


We will fight to ensure the Gateway from Nudgee to Deagon and the Bruce from Bald hills to Caboolture are upgraded to a full four-lane highway each way. The current Gateway 3 lane plan is woefully inadequate.

We will pursue the construction of dams and railway lines including high-speed rail intercity connections. These are natural monopolies and will be constructed, owned and operated by the Queensland Government as State enterprises whose primary obligation is Service

Australian Country Party is the party of Development.