Position Statements

We are currently updating our website to reflect our National Australian Focus and Vision.

Position Statements will be regularly updated and added to. Please come back regularly to view new updates.

Spending and debt must be reined in and kept within the budget

The amount of profligate spending by governments over the past twenty years has increased the cost of living and diminished our purchasing power to the point where families struggle to pay power bills and put food on the table. The government should spend on encouraging jobs that produce real wealth rather than expanding the government services sector and welfare entitlements.

National Sovereignty

Upholding institutional and political independence against the forces of Internationalism; We shall be reviewing all agreements to which Australia is a signatory, and if necessary, renegotiate them for Australia’s benefit.

Reduce superannuation benefits and allowances for politicians. This will discourage candidates who see politics as a vehicle to benefit themselves rather than serve their country

Rent-seeking happens even in Western countries such as Australia, albeit on a much smaller scale. The Gravy Train of doing “favours for mates” must be curtailed, to restore confidence in our system.

Immediate reduction of immigration to 20,000 per year for the purpose of getting our people back to work. Controlled, selective immigration can restart when the official unemployment rate is at 2% or below

While Australia prides itself on being a very welcoming nation, even Australia has a limit on its resources. We must take care of our own first and ensure that we have enough for anybody else coming here to live with dignity.

Create a new Australian Infrastructure Fund

As part of revamping Australian industry, creating new jobs and revitalising our economy, an Australian Infrastructure Fund would allow the management and optimisation of our natural resources for the benefit of industry.

Retake control of our utilities and utility infrastructure starting with electricity production.

We need to ensure that low-cost energy is available for both individuals and businesses.  More importantly, we need to regain control over our tools of trade and production and treat these as essential services. If there is rampant profiteering from energy production it should go back to the people.

Guarantee energy security, by (at the very least) developing our Natural Gas reserves and expanding the infrastructure.

Currently, Australia has no more than three weeks’ worth of refined oil for consumption, yet we have immense gas fields that can be cultivated to ease the demand on our energy needs, and the burden on our people’s pockets.

Mine and develop our Thorium reserves to provide safe and clean energy. With the amount of energy generated, we will be able to power our nation comfortably whilst reducing our Greenhouse Emissions.

Nuclear energy is seen as anathema to some environmentalists because they are concerned about meltdowns such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, but those disasters were caused by obsolescent reactors that were fuelled by Uranium. Thorium, however, is much safer, and cannot be weaponised. Thus, the risks to public and environmental safety are infinitesimal

Develop transport corridors and infrastructure, so that we can end the bottlenecks in our ports and enhance the logistics of carrying food and resources.

Australia is a resource-rich nation, but the inadequate logistics of our country delay the enjoyment of our resources by the people. We must improve our logistics so that producers and consumers alike can benefit from it.

Establish a new Australian Development Bank

The Australian Country Party is calling for the re-establishment of a federal development bank.

The recent collapse of the financial markets in the GFC has shown us that reliance on offshore funding must be a thing of the past or Australia will become a victim of it. Profit gouging by way of borrowing costs and interest rates are placing more pressure on the Australian people by way of taxes now, and into our future generations.

 The bank that is proposed would be established under a similar model of the previous development bank that Australia once enjoyed. It would need to be separate from both the reserve bank and external to the treasury and ongoing budget requirements. Its primary role would be to provide a rotating or renewable source of funding for infrastructure spending by the federal and state governments while removing the need for State and federal governments to have to go to foreign markets to seek funding.

 This could be expanded to later fund development of new industries in our regional centres. The benefits of re-establishing this bank are numerous and would provide both a safe government guaranteed investment for our superannuation funds, private individuals, and institutional investors while building ongoing revenue for future infrastructure projects.

Create a new skills training program for those who have lost their jobs in manufacturing due to the departure of manufacturing from our shores

This will allow anyone who wants a job to be employed on building infrastructure and reviving our manufacturing sector. This also involves guaranteeing resource security by developing our own refining capabilities

In addition to training the people and equipping them with the Tools of Trade and Production necessary for revitalising our country, it will create opportunities for small businesses to generate more wealth that can be held in the hands of the people, not just in the hands of Government. This also allows us further enhance R&D, of which this step is the logical first toward a stronger Australia

After the budget is finally balanced, we must develop our military strength to better defend ourselves in the event of a war

Our defence forces are anaemic, due to not only the political correctness quest of some military officers but also the neglect of R&D and funding by successive governments. With China leasing a base in Vanuatu and other ports throughout Southeast Asia, we must remain vigilant

Implement size appropriate regulation for all industries, especially agricultural industries

A small cottage industry should not be subject to the same level of regulation as a large factory. A medium free-range meat producer should not be subject to the same level of regulation as a large corporation. The government should use a risk assessment matrix which includes the size of the operation and seeks to reduce regulation rather than increase, with increases needing to be justified. Moreover, inspectors need to better coordinate their responses so that there is consistency across the industries and from area to area.

Australian States and Councils

As guaranteed in the Australian Constitution, the sovereign states of Australia and the federal government must be retained, and their roles brought back in line with the Constitution.

It is a core principle of the party that local councils now often referred to as ‘Local Government’ should be for local services only and not judiciary authority, any authority is through the state government and its local offices, therefore, the term ‘Local Government’ should not apply.

Sexualisation of Children through school curriculums

The Australian Country Party will oppose any legislation to continue or initiate any new programs which teach gender ideology or portray sexual intimacy in schools.

Sexual education should only extend to the biological functions and the process of reproduction from conception to birth as part of the science curriculum and be age appropriate and respectful of the social and cultural values of families in the school community.

Parents and guardians have the right to be notified of these classes and withdraw their children from this aspect of education, at their reasonable discretion.