New Dams for Towns and Cities

Fresh, clean water is crucial for everyday life and for recreation, industry and community needs.  The only cost effective way to secure more water for our growing population is to build more dams.  Prudent harvesting of rainfall into new dams will not disrupt the needs of our river environments.

We support the construction of new dams that will also enable us to expand our renewable hydropower.


Irrigation water is an essential input to ensure Australian food production and food security. Controls must be put in place so that ownership and trading in water does not undermine the fundamental purpose of water; which is critical human needs, agricultural production, use in manufacturing and maintaining a natural environment.

We support all recommendations and findings from the 2015/16 Senate Inquiry into the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Sub-surface Water

Sub-surface water must not be over consumed by mining and industrial processes.  Pollution of underground water by processes such as Coal Seam Gas extraction will not be tolerated.