More investment in the NBN and mobile phone “black spots” with particular emphasis on remote and vulnerable rural areas

Claims by our telecommunications companies that mobile coverage is extended to most of the population are seriously misleading as the vast majority of Australia’s population live in our coastal capitals.  While the majority of our urban population may have coverage the reality is that there are over 6000 known coverage “black spots throughout the country, the majority of these in regional Australia. The situation has been made worse by the delays in the NBN roll-out and today many regional communities have sub-standard or no mobile ‘phone or internet.  This situation has significant human safety implications and is clearly unacceptable. Publicly funded mobile towers should be available for multiple companies to use and remain in public hands with no one private company benefiting from public funds.

We will continue to push for increased investment in both these areas and in particular for an extension of state government co-funding programs to facilitate the provision of services in smaller and remote regional communities.