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  • Promote Australian grown, Australian made.
  • Protection of private property and our environment from ridiculous and unjust planning laws.
  • Protection of rights to enjoy fishing, shooting, boating, prospecting camping and bushwalking.
  • Protect consumers and growers from imported dangerous foods, pests and diseases.
  • Improve the accountability and efficiency of councils and state government.
  • Limit the sell-off of Australian Land.
  • Protect manufacturing, businesses, agriculture and jobs.
  • Restore rural rail.
  • Revive country communities.
  • Fair trade
  • Rural water rights

About Us

We care about regional and rural Australia, the towns, small businesses, local communities and volunteers that are all too often forgotten by those in Government – people who often have no clue as how those who work the land and live in country areas are doing it tough, how small country businesses and companies are struggling and how country communities are put at risk as funding for basic services are cut.


“Australian Country Party Introduces
Blair Verrier as 
Candidate for Longman
by-election”  Click Here for more info



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