Tobacco Taxes for Health

The AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY proposes that tobacco excise and duty collections be set aside and used solely for health promotion, research and treatment.

The costs of health care have been increasing and have been the trigger for a number of clumsy policy attempts by the federal government to increase tax collections. But the AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY believes that adequate amounts of money are already being collected by the federal government for health promotion, and there is no need to increase tax collections for this purpose.

 At present, the federal government already collects excise duty on Australian-made tobacco products, and collects customs duty on imported tobacco products. The amount of this collection is around $8 billion.

 Directing the tobacco taxation monies solely to health promotion, research and treatment will address the shortfalls in health expenditure, particularly hospitals’ funding.

 It may also serve to generate more of the high quality medical research for which Australia is famous.

 The AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY believes that it would be more honest and appropriate to assign tobacco taxes only to health expenditure, because the taxes are collected on the basis of improving health.

 It also addresses “the user pays” principle, because tobacco users are much more likely to incur hospital and other medical costs which are funded directly or indirectly by the federal government.

 The AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY is committed to providing high quality policy that puts Australia first, and politics second. This policy is a strong example of honesty and transparency in government that should be supported by all parties.


Seasonal Workers 

Australian Country Party believes that the rate of taxation of seasonal workers should be reduced to a level which properly rewards this type of work in order to attract employees and provide labour for the industry and legitimate employment for Australians.

In order to establish the rate of taxation required to attract workers, Australian Country Party would increase the tax-free threshold for seasonal workers to $60,000 immediately, providing an

effective pay rise to seasonal workers of $11,047 per annum.

The loss of income tax would be offset by increased efficiencies in the horticultural industry, resulting in an increase in tax income to the Commonwealth of between $100 to $200 million per annum.