Defence Manufacturing

It is policy of the Australian Country Party, that defence manufacturing be transitioned to be performed entirely in Australia.

This would require sensible, reliable investment in local industries to allow them to develop the required capacity and the development of new industries.

The policy would be begin immediately with investment in shipbuilding.

This transition to Australian manufacturing would be accomplished over a period of 25 years, and

would include all aerospace and naval manufacturing.


More details will be released at a later date.



Heavy Industry

The AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY supports the creation of Australian Heavy Industries in order to increase the number of Australians in skilled, well-paid employment and to improve Australia’s balance of payments and budget positions.

It is AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY policy that the Australian Federal and State Governments should cooperate in coordinating the creation of, and work for, Australian Heavy Industries such as:

  1. Ship building, including defence ship building;
  2. Railways, including high speed and very high speed rail;
  3. Train manufacture, including high speed trains and very high speed trains;
  4. Car manufacturing, especially electric vehicles; and
  5. Truck manufacturing.

The AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY opposes the sending of work, jobs and money overseas. Sending work overseas deprives Australians of work, pay and training, while at the same time using Australian tax money to support other countries. This has a double negative affect on Australia’s balance of payments, sending money offshore and at the same time depriving individual Australians of work, training and income.

The AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY is committed to cooperation between Federal, State and Local Governments in order to coordinate the development of Australian Heavy Industries.

For example, the AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY would address the inefficiencies caused by the different rail gauges used around Australia through consultation with stakeholders and deciding on a standard rail gauge that would best suit Australian conditions and requirements. We would decide upon priorities for the work required to standardise the railway gauge across Australia. We would then use a combination of Federal, State and Local Government funding to establish an industrial base in a suitable area of low employment and begin work on standardising the railway systems of Australia. We would not send any of the work off-shore.

It would also increase the efficiency of any other industry that relies on the transport of heavy goods, including mining, steel, agriculture and manufacturing by allowing faster and more reliable rail transport than is presently possible.


It is AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY PARTY policy that there is almost never any need to send Australian work offshore, and that sending Australian work offshore is the result of short-sighted, lazy governments that have failed to invest in the Australian workforce.