The Australian Country Party is a value based party representing all communities. The objectives and values of the Party are set out below:

Maintain democracy, liberty and personal responsibility;

Increase the well-being of the whole of the population of rural and regional communities;

Ensure the viability of communities throughout Australia.

Ensure access to services and infrastructure by regional Australians that are of a comparable quality and price to those provided in metropolitan areas;

Promote economic development in rural and regional Australia and the decentralisation of state and federal government bureaucracies;

Develop the quality of life and ensure the continuation of recreational, cultural and social activities traditionally enjoyed in rural Australia;

Ensure the maintenance of an appropriate balance between economic development and a healthy and sustainable environment;

Ensure that policies involving environmental issues are based on verifiable facts, rigorous scientific inquiry and field visits to ascertain community views;

Ensure effective representation and promotion of the traditional values, culture, views and aspirations of Australian communities;
Ensure that people who represent Australian Country Party give primary priority to the interests of their constituents;

Co-operate with organisations and individuals with comparable aims to the party;

Endorse candidates to contest state and federal elections; and

Do such things as are necessary to achieve the objects of the party