John Madigan Joins the Country Party


Today the Australian Country Party (ACP) is announcing that former Federal Senator John Madigan has joined the Country Party, and will focus on key issues affecting Country Victoria in the lead up to the next Victorian State Election.

ACP Secretary Darren Cooper said -“John Madigan is a welcome addition to the party. Historically, both he, and the Country Party overlapped on many issues which are based on grass roots and common sense”-.

“John is well known throughout rural and regional Victoria, he is very passionate about issues effecting regional communities and is a champion for Australian manufacturing. John adds to the calibre of members in the Country Party, helping to build a stronger party dedicated to the prosperity of country people-”, Mr Cooper said.

Mr Madigan is keen to ‘hit the ground running’ on issues such as dairy, wind farms, water and manufacturing. Family, small business, education & training and non compliant building are also high on John’s agenda.

Mr Madigan said -“There are so many issues in Victoria we have to address. It’s time for country people to consolidate and join the Country Party as the major parties have long forgotten them”-.