Equality of access to healthcare, with policies targeted at attracting medical practitioners and staff to regional areas

Everybody is entitled to the same level of access to health services.  Yet some communities have more than they need and others struggle.  Areas near ski fields fare well while those further away do not.

More needs to be done to attract medical professionals to struggling communities.  We would support any initiative that is aimed at addressing this disparity.

An overhaul of Victoria’s failing mental health services.

The importance of mental health services wasn’t recognised until over the last 20 or 30 years. We know it is an issue and it is vital to address this in urban and regional areas especially those struggling through tough economic times.  It matters for our communities including within our own homes.

Assumptions are dangerous.  We can’t assume that the structure of our mental health services is good and think really hard about asking whether our system meets our needs.  We believe an overhaul of our system is needed.

The provision of clean drinking water to all remote communities.

The bulk of our politicians come from the urban area where being able to have glass of drinkable water isn’t an issue.  The rest come from major centres where they don’t have a problem. Yet many communities still don’t have access to clean drinking water.

We know making clean drinking water available to every house isn’t practicable but there are still whole communities that qualify for access to clean drinking water but do not have it.   We would support any initiative that is aimed at revisiting the question of access by merit, not location.

Improved availability, and resourcing of, ambulance services.

The further you live away from communities the longer it will take an ambulance to arrive. Yet the time it takes ambulances to arrive in urban and country areas is disproportionate to the time it takes closer into our major cities.

We want more ambulances in outer urban and regional areas.