Ensure that education is classed as an “essential service” in all budget and policy considerations.​

​Governments say they support centres of excellence and growing a smarter Australia yet the education sector, especially TAFE services, have undergone cut after cut in recent years.

Budget decisions do need to be made however the status of service afforded by governments is confusing.  ACA would clarify this by ensuring that education is classified as an essential service in all budget and policy considerations.  This means the importance of education would be given the same treatment as decisions relating to our police, fire and ambulance services.

Education is not about enabling our governments grab headlines. It is about our families and the future of our local communities.

Improved access to affordable education in regional communities.​

​Let’s be blunt about this. If a community lacks affordable education, then that family will need to go somewhere else.  Education is a key to each and every local community yet this is not reflected in current government allocations.

It is the government’s job to ensure affordable access is available where they are needed, not where the more important votes are.


The expansion of training and education facilities in regional areas, with a focus on subjects of relevance to the needs of local business and community.

Education has to be relevant to the areas it is available.  There is no value in having political philosophy available in a community that needs people who can help control grain disease.  So our plan is to expand training and education in areas where the subjects are relevant to the needs of local business and community, not Melbourne.