Country Party Opposes the Proposed Privatisation of the Land Titles Office (Vic

21 August 2017


The Australian Country Party is strongly opposed to the privatisation of the Land Titles Office of Victoria.

Privatisation generally is a disaster for the community, providing only a small, once only injection of capital in return for higher charges and less efficient service for users forever afterwards. Victorians need look no further than their electricity bills to see how privatisation has provided a windfall for the private companies now providing this essential service.

Moreover, the Land Titles Office should remain in public management because the government requires this important information at it’s fingertips in order to plan for Victoria’s future properly. The government is responsible for planning, zoning and housing and would not be able to access and arrange the data as it requires if the Land Titles Office was privatised.

Finally, there is no need to sell the Land Titles Office. The office operates under the user pays principle, and the funding it receives covers its own running costs.

Privatisation should only occur when there are significant, long term benefits to the community. This is not the case here.

Former federal senator for Victoria and now Country Party member John Madigan, says ” The proposal by the Victorian Labor government to privatise the Land Titles Office of Victoria is another example of this governments’ incompetence”.
“The privatisation of electricity, gas, public transport, hospitals and ports has proven to be a social and economic disaster” he said.

The Country Party calls on the Andrews Government to abandon further privatisation generally, and the privatisation of the Lands Title Office in particular.

For more information contact:

Robert Danieli –
John Madigan – – 0498 781 243