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  • Vision for Australia
  • Australian People
  • Cost of Living reduction
  • Limit the sell-off of Australian Assets
  • Jobs and employment
  • Small business, manufacturing, agriculture
  • Revive rural communities
  • Accountable Governments
  • Access to public land for recreation
  • Fair water and water rights legislation
  • Fair trade with transition protection
  • Balanced immigration policy
  • The ability of all Australians to feel safe in their Country
  • Australia’s foundation Values

Media releases

“Australian Country Party candidate “Blair Ann Verrier” called on voters to punish the incompetence of our nation’s leaders for our escalating power costs.”

If you’re not serious about bringing down power costs or building new clean coal power plants or generators then it’s time to step aside and hand it over to people or a party that will.  Currently there are  over 725 coal power stations operating in ASIA with a further 1142 coming online or under construction, all looking to achieve a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions while new advancements having the Germans and Japan aiming at 50%”  Miss Verrier said today.

It seems that not only are Turnbull and Shorten falling behind in technology, they are also ignoring the warnings of others on what our 3D-Park will deliver to our district and to Australia.   Australia used to be the lucky country with leading technologies coupled with the world’s cheapest power, but if we continue to follow these leaders then the outcome is obvious.  Make your vote count this election and elect me and the party “for the Country of Australia” The Australian Country Party.    I along with our incoming Senate candidate will ensure that the people of Longman are truly represented and not ignored as they have been so openly in the past”.   Australian Country Party candidate, Blair Verrier stated today.



Media Contact:


Tony Zegenhagen 0415 459 322  tony.zegenhagen@countryparty.org.au


Australian Country Party Introduces Blair Verrier as Candidate for Longman

Media Release

“Australian Country Party Introduces Blair Verrier as Candidate for Longman

After an exhausting Pre-selection process, the Australian Country Party officially announced “Blair Verrier” as their candidate for the upcoming By-election in Longman to be held on July 28th.

Blair has been officially endorsed for what is looking to be a real battle between the tired underperforming major parties and the ever increasing interest in parties that can truly deliver for their electorate.

Blair Verrier is a local 32yr old woman who has lived and worked in the electorate since she was 8 years of age.

Blair runs her own accounting and finance business as a Certified Practising Account, has a Batchelor of business (accounting) and Diploma of Financial Services (FP).  She is involved in a number of community groups and organisations including Toorbul Pony Club as an instructor and Business and Professional Women.

Blair brings youth and enthusiasm to the table while retaining her strong social conservative values.

In her statement released last night, Blair stated   “I am humbled at being given the opportunity to represent the people of Longman, and am committed to fight and work for them.   My experience in business and living my life in the district will assist me in solving some of the major issues people face here. “ 

Mr Joyce is the biggest Opportunist in the New England By-Election

Country Party responds to comments on ‘out of towners’ in New England by Barnaby Joyce.

After recent comments by Mr Joyce about ‘out of towners’ being opportunists and just chasing money for their parties, Country Party NSW Coordinator Glenn O’Rourke said It was good to see other candidates calling him out on the fact he was a Blow-in from Queensland when he won the seat in 2013.

Mr Joyce should not be running in this election on the basis of numerous legal actions that could be taken soon, directly relating to his potential constitutional false declaration / perjury in relation to his claim to be only an Australian citizen, not once but 4 times over his political career.

Firstly, there is the fact that he breached the constitution and illegally ticked the section 44 box, then potential financial implications of section 46 of the constitution that states he can be sued $200 (£100) per day for every day he is in breach of section 44, 12+ years.

Finally, the personal financial implications of having to pay back all his income and allowances, which could potentially see him declared bankrupt. This is where he is the biggest opportunist in this by-election.

The protection racket that is run in Federal Parliament will ensure he does not have to re-pay the earned monies, as his political mates in both Labor and Liberals will ensure he, along with all their other mates, will be protected. New England could be back at the polls in months if or when he becomes ineligible again.

Then there is the opportunistic position he holds in an electorate that was always held by the Country Party, then the Nationals, until New England woke up to the fact that the Nationals no longer represent the electorate and just spend money and make decisions to ensure one of their own, like Mr Joyce, gets a Job.

The traditional Country Party and National Party voters started to wake up and voted in an independent until they felt betrayed, then took a gamble on the safe option of going back to the Nationals. They are now taken for granted and only receive benefits when it is needed to provide an ongoing job for one of the boys; Mr Joyce.

The voters know they are not truly heard or represented and are aware of so many of the political and other open secret issues, that are common knowledge around town, in relation to the ‘real’ Mr Joyce and whathe really stands for; a puppet to the city managers of the Coalition, of which the Nationals do what they are told.

Ian Britza says he may not live in the electorate, but he spent a large part of his life living in NSW (like Mr Joyce had before he was parachuted from Queensland into the electorate) and his Son’s family and grandchildren live in NSW. He was already moving back to NSW before there was any news of a by-election. Once the by-election was a possibility, Ian decided that he would move to New England if elected and wanted to seek to truly and honestly represent New England, which he believes is currently being taken for granted by the Nationals and Mr Joyce.

Ian Britza keeps reminding people he is an experienced conservative parliamentarian, with a social conscious, who can represent New England from a Balance of Power position and deliver much more from that position than Mr Joyce ever can.

As Mr Britza keeps saying throughout his campaign, If New England just wants to continue with a politician, who says and does what he needs to, to keep his job, then vote for Mr Joyce. If you want a true parliamentarian who will get out and work with the people of New England to make life better then vote for the Country Party and Ian Britza.

Ian Britza keeps reminding the people of New England that ‘It’s time to return New England to the Country Party’, and the historic values and true representation the Country Party held prior to 1975.



Glenn O’Rourke – NSW Co-ordinator

0405 111 228 – newengland@countryparty.org.au

Britza ‘Optimistic’ about being No 17 on ballot paper

The people of New England have the opportunity to hold the balance of power in the federal Government and make a statement to ensure they are heard and see real decisions that benefit the region.

There is so much promotion by the National Party about what Mr Joyce has done for the electorate, but people have to remember the majority of the wins for the electorate were by Tony Windsor, but Mr Joyce claimed the credit and put his name on them as they were delivered after Tony Windsor retired.

I am encouraging all the candidates in the campaign to preference between all other candidates before Mr Joyce, to ensure that when he is pushed to preferences, they do not flow to him and ensure a true representative member like myself can be elected.

There are a number of key issues that need to be focused on in this campaign including the overarching of bureaucracy, financial impost of regulation and illegitimate legal enforcement outside rule of law that is stifling most industry in New England and Australia.

A recent announcement re pilot training in New England has a limited future with general aviation on its knees and only a full investigation into CASA will make things better for the aviation industry.

Agriculture industry is also severely, financially affected. Continual changes to regulation that require farmers to spend more and more to comply is just unacceptable.

It’s time to remove red tape and review real impact on all industry from unnecessary regulation.

Water issues, the money hungry National and Liberal Parties are more interested in what they can get from mining, whether in royalties or financial party support, that they ignore the real issue of potential irreversible damage to the Namoi water table that will cripple not only agriculture in the region but have flow on effects to the Marry Darling System and agriculture across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

My Joyce has the Water trigger that Tony Windsor had established to ensure that any mining, existing and future can be forced to ensure water is protected. Why did Mr Joyce not use the power he had to ensure the water table was protected, Money?

I am used to coming from behind in an unwinnable election, as I did 8 years ago when the Labor Party held Morley with an 11.3% margin. I ultimately came within 1% of their primary vote and won on preferences. I then again won it 4 years later with an increased margin.

“IT’S TIME to return New England to the COUNTRY PARTY”.


Ian Britza

Candidate for New England

Australian Country Party

New England candidate announces an investigation into CASA needed.

Australian Country Party candidate for New England Ian Britza, has today announced a policy statement calling for a full review into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Mr Britza said ‘Its just not on that so much red tape can be put in front of our aviation clubs and businesses. This could have a long term affect on general aviation in this Country, something needs to be done.”

Details of the statement are:

The Aviation industry is in serious decline because of unnecessary regulation. Australia is witnessing pilots and businesses exiting the industry in increasing numbers.

Because of this decline there will be serious consequences including employment and infrastructure losses, reducing aviation services in Australia. Allowing the decline to continue could see the end of aviation in Australia.

The Australian Country Party advocates for a full investigation and review of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that would look at over-regulation, allegations of collusion and process stalling and management of the authority which is responsible for major failings in it’s policies and regulation of the aviation industry. Unnecessary policy and regulation are now crippling flying clubs and small businesses, evidenced with aircraft registrations down 53% and general aviation pilots down 34% in the last 10 years.

Flying clubs provide a starting point for people learning to fly and often the first step towards commercial flying, but over-regulation is forcing these clubs and airfields out of business where only multi-national companies would be able to sustain the increasing regulation requirements. This could eventually force all pilot training offshore.

Over regulation includes the following areas just to name a few:

1.Aviation Medical requirements

2. Air Operator Certificate regulation and compliance

3.Flight school regulation and compliance

4. Aircraft maintenance regulation and compliance

Adopting the United States or New Zealand approach is a step in the right direction.


For more information contact:

Darren Cooper – Secretary
secretary@countryparty.org.au – 0498 781 243

Ian Britza – newengland@countryparty.org.au – 0405 111 228

Britza Runs for New England

Former Western Australian MP endorsed as candidate in the New England by-election

30 October 2017


Ian Britza has been announced today as candidate for the seat of New England by the Australian Country Party in the upcoming by-election caused by the recent High Court decision on the illegibility of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce to sit in Parliament.

Ian who was a former Acting Speaker of the House in the Western Australian Parliament is on the move back to New South Wales and was keen to put his hand up for this by-election.

Having won the Labor seat of Morley for the Liberal Party and holding it for two terms, and being Acting Speaker for six years, Ian presents as an experienced alternative in the race for New England. Ian also served as a member on the Community Development and Justice Committee for four years and Deputy Chair for a further 2 years.

Ian was prepared to cross the floor of the House on moral grounds and actually did on several occasions when he felt his own party at the time was not listening to the electorate.

Australian Country Party Secretary Darren Cooper said “It’s great to see decent people of a high calibre join the Australian Country Party. Ian stands by his morals and principles and acts for the best interest of his electorate which is something rarely seen nowadays. Its great to have him as part of our growing team”.

Ian is the second former politician to join the Australian Country Party (established 2005) with former Victorian Federal Senator John Madigan joining the ranks in 2016.

Mr Britza said “It’s time to return New England to the Country Party”.


For more information contact:

Glenn O’Rourke – 0405 111 228